My Services

Embedded System Design & SoC Architectures

  • Analysis of system requirements
  • Documentation of system requirements (e.g. in Doors)
  • Requirements management with change requests
  • Hardware/software partitioning
  • Definition of hardware and software architecture
  • Creation of architecture specification
  • Creation of Objective Specifications for ICs and ASICs

Embedded Software/Firmware Development

  • Development of real-time software for microcontrollers and DSPs
  • Documentation of requirements, design and test
  • Efficient and highly optimized implementation in C/C++ and assembler

 Project Management Support

  • Technical lead of architecture teams
  • Alignment with other teams and with project management

Your Benefits

You will profit from my long experience in embbeded systems design for the highly competitive smartphone mass market. Systems that I developed are embedded in several hundreds of million sold products!

Your benefits are:

  • Products with minimum power consumption and lowest cost
  • Flexibility achieved by optimum partitionierung of your system in hardware, firmware und software
  • Highly optimized and efficient firmware and software, that uses all hardware features at its best