Successful Projects


  • System design for 5G Modems
  • ASIP development for 5G

Ericsson / ST-Ericsson

  • Definition (architecture and requirements) of the Digital Modem-Subsystem for Ericsson LTE Multi-Mode Platform.
  • Definition of modem subsystem power management architecture (HW&SW)
  • Specification of a test IC for an in-house vector DSP core
  • Definition of a FPGA prototype for early SW development

NXP  / Philips

  • Specification of ARM-based Baseband ICs for GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • Specification of platform security concept for above mentioned ICs
  • Improvement of Requirements Management Process for CMMi level 3
  • GSM/GPRS/EDGE DSP firmware development
  • Specification of several inhouse DSP Cores
  • Development of a universal monitor program for a modular DSP system


  • Hardware and software development for car information systems:
    • Electronic odometer
    • Brightness control for electronic dash boards
    • Magnetic field sensor for navigation system
    • Electronic dash boards
  • Software package for scheduling  and monitoring of development milestones